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Jo Blakeley The Bliss Expert

I’m Jo Blakeley, The Bliss Expert.

I love inspiring people to live the fulfilled life they deserve.
I’m a:

Successful Author
Motivational Speaker
NLP Trainer
Learning & Development Professional
Empowerment Coach and Mentor

Life Before Bliss
Life wasn’t always so blissful. Despite my well-paid job, a great social life and wonderful upbringing, I spent my twenties feeling miserable, angry and bitter. I was trapped in an unhealthy cycle of drinking, smoking, eating and unhappiness, which ultimately led to me hitting rock bottom. 

I waited a whole decade, hoping for a change to come. But as friends began getting married, buying their first homes and celebrating career achievements, I felt worse than ever.

I ran away to far-flung places but my problems simply followed. It wasn’t until I read an inspirational self-help book that I realised I’d been searching for answers in all the wrong places. I discovered I had the solution to happiness all the time. 

I began a journey learning everything I could about personal transformation, from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Empowerment Coaching to Psychology of Vision and Life Coaching.

Since Finding Bliss…
After ten long, painful years I found my bliss; a life full of purpose and passion. I’m a healthy size twelve, happily married, have a gorgeous son, a fantastic relationship with my family and have a job I love so much I can’t really call it a job.

I run two successful businesses:

Orchard Training:
Delivering bespoke courses in confidence, communication and leadership development to international firms across the globe.

The Bliss Expert:
Training and coaching individuals to transform their lives via my online and face-to-face personal development courses.

I also wrote Blokes, Beers & Burritos to help women who share some of my hang-ups from my twenties. It combines saucy chick-lit with self-help to help introduce the The Bliss Expert’s unique steps to happiness to an audience who wouldn’t usually pick up a self-help book. BUY HERE

How I Can Help You
The Bliss Expert Courses provide the tools to help you:

* Ignite your passion for life
* Unleash your confidence
* Find your voice among friends and colleagues
* Commit to a healthier life
* Achieve success at work
* Have the resilience to handle anything
* Discover love within yourself and with others

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