Using Your Brain to Feel Good

Did you know that your brain is incredibly powerful and is controlling the way that you feel from one moment to the next? Would you like to find out how you can be in control of your brain (and emotions) [...]

Do you waste money on things that make you unhappy?

According to recent research, British women spend on average £70,000 in their lifetime on their appearance in the name of looking and feeling good (1). Yet only seven per cent of Britain’s are happy with their image (2). How is [...]

How to get someone to do something they don’t want to do

What I'm talking about is when you want a loved one to do something that you know will benefit them (not you). Things like give up smoking, getting fit or losing weight. Perhaps they've been told by a health professional [...]

How to stay positive in a negative world

The attack at the mosque in Finsbury Park, the fire at Grenfell Tower, and the terrorist attacks at Manchester Arena, London Bridge and Westminster Bridge have left many people in the UK in a state of shock. On top of [...]

Top Tips for Success

Set stretching goals Most people wander through life aimlessly and are disappointed when they reach where they don’t want to be. Successful people make sure they know exactly where they’re going, and they expect to get there. Do you? Make [...]

Bliss is an Inside Job

Do you ever wish that you: Bounced out of bed in the morning? Got excited about going to work? Felt grateful for the inspiring and generous people in your life? Were in love with that someone special? Never worried about [...]

Why saying ‘I love you’ could make or break your relationship

Do you go green with envy when you see your friend with another bunch of flowers from her latest beau? You wonder what’s so special about her that her boyfriend goes out of his way to show her that he [...]

Find Your Perfect Partner

Do you keep meeting the ‘wrong’ person who is never good enough, not quite right in some way, or who you can’t hold onto for long or turns out to be a clown? If so, it sounds like you’ve got [...]

How Assertive Are You?

Assertiveness is one of the best ways of gaining a win-win situation (and feeling good about yourself), but how assertive are you? If you have ever been in an argument or someone has annoyed you, have you ever: Sulked, withdrawn, [...]

Top Five Stress Busters (Part II)

What’s really causing you to feel stressed about what’s happened? Sometimes we think we’re stressed about one thing but it’s actually about something else. When I thought about ‘missed flight’ scenario, I realised that apart from the extra cost of [...]

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