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This two day face-to-face Bliss Live course shares the transformational steps that can help you achieve your dream life. It also helps you to uncover the reasons why you don’t – yet – have the life you want, and what you can do about it. You learn from The Bliss Expert herself as she teaches the concepts, ideas and science behind the steps in an engaging, easy-to-understand and entertaining style so that you have fun while you’re learning. She also shares her own experiences and inspirational stories while using her unique set of skills to provide you with feedback, observations, and insights to help you gain significant shifts by the end of the course. The Bliss Live course is held at The Bliss Expert’s beautiful home in a dedicated training space with a total of 10 people. You will leave with a comprehensive workbook and access to the 10 module online course as well as the motivation, tools and mind-set to achieve your objectives.

(If your preferred date is already fully-booked (i.e. out-of-stock), email Jo@theblissexpert.com to add your name to the waiting list.)