• Blokes, Beers and Burritos - Jo Blakeley

Blokes, Beers & Burritos

Read the world’s first self-help novel which tells the story of a girl backpacking through Central and South America in search of love and happiness. It combines saucy chick-lit and travel tales with self-help to provide the reader with entertainment and intrigue while understanding how to achieve happiness, fulfilment and success in the real world. View Jo’s introductory video here!

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Product Description

Cath Brown is an ordinary twenty-something who is fed-up with her job, eats and drinks too much, and continually falls for unsuitable men. Even though she knows she should quit them all, she can’t. Being cruelly dumped on her birthday is the final straw so she abandons her life in London and flies off to Mexico for a year’s adventure.

As her journey begins Cath receives mysterious emails from a stranger who knows too much about her to be a coincidence. The Bliss Expert promises to reveal Ten Steps to Bliss, which will give her everything she has always wanted: purpose, love, hope and happiness.

Will Cath follow the advice and change her life?

Join Cath in her wayward travels as she explores new lands, new blokes and opportunities to unleash her inner self. Can she finally stop repeating the same patterns and find true love and happiness?

You too can change your life. Follow the Ten Steps to Bliss with Cath and discover the powerful effects they can have to find your own bliss and become the best version of yourself.

A note from the author:

While the characters in my book are fictional, they are based on a combination of real individuals I met on my travels. I wrote this book to help women to be happy in every area of their lives but in a much shorter timespan than it took me. I know that many people don’t turn to traditional self-help books until they’ve hit rock bottom – like me – so I decided to put the Steps to Bliss within the pages of fiction so that the reader can understand how they work in the real world, and to make learning about themselves effortless and fun.